Team Update: Eli Zarka on Maldives

Recently Eli Zarka and his friends decided to spend some time in a place called: Maldives.

Here’s the latest message from Eli:

„Me and 4 good friends of mine wanted to go to the Maldives because we heard the waves are really good over there. Because it is a windy season now, I checked the forecast one day before we were leaving and decided to take my kitesurf equipment also with me. When we arrived, we found a nice boat and we booked it for 10 days. The first day we arrived the waves were small and the wind was good, so i decided to go kitesurfing. It was a really nice session, I ride many waves with my kiteboard and had a lot of fun!
Then, day after day, the waves were getting bigger and we were surfing in lot’s of different loctaions. We stayed at the North Male Atolls and we were enjoying such spots as: Jails Break, Sultans, Chickens nad the Cokes spot. I really enjoyed the waves in every one of them.
We had a really great time, and for sure we’re going to visit Maldives again!!!

Eli Zarka


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