The world of kiteboarding is changing in front of our eyes. After a decade of dynamic growth it enters the next, even more professional stage. It is visible in the level of kiteboarding industry, events organisation and infrastructure. The competitors’ and riders’ skills are becoming higher and higher, while the tricks are more powered and complicated than ever. It requires hard work of our engineers from the R&D department to be ahead of these changes and deliver the best products which suit each riding style. This is why Nobile is searching for innovations, best materials and technology at every stage of designing products.

The new 2016 “Earth and Spaces” collection is full of novelties. We believe it will meet all riders’ expectations.

While creating boards for 2016, we had in our mind not only competitors, but all kiteboarders out there. Thinking about all local heroes around the world we re-shaped the NHP line and T5 boards and took them on the next level. These boards will help you get there too! In cooperation with our beautiful female riders we improved and extended women’s line by adding 50/Fifty model dedicated for wakestyle riding. Our splitboards line is a bestseller, but we didn’t stop improving it. Good news for all travelling by plane with their equipment: not only quivers are not needed, but also W-connection is even stronger and easier to connect. Just use our bags designed for travelling with splitboards and save some cash for nicer spending. We didn’t forget how important is the connection between the rider and the board, thus for 2016 we are introducing completely new, light and ergonomic IFS (Integrated Footpad System).


Team Update: Eli Zarka on Maldives

Recently Eli Zarka and his friends decided to spend some time in a place called: Maldives.

Here’s the latest message from Eli:

„Me and 4 good friends of mine wanted to go to the Maldives because we heard the waves are really good over there. Because it is a windy season now, I checked the forecast one day before we were leaving and decided to take my kitesurf equipment also with me. When we arrived, we found a nice boat and we booked it for 10 days. The first day we arrived the waves were small and the wind was good, so i decided to go kitesurfing. It was a really nice session, I ride many waves with my kiteboard and had a lot of fun!
Then, day after day, the waves were getting bigger and we were surfing in lot’s of different loctaions. We stayed at the North Male Atolls and we were enjoying such spots as: Jails Break, Sultans, Chickens nad the Cokes spot. I really enjoyed the waves in every one of them.
We had a really great time, and for sure we’re going to visit Maldives again!!!

Eli Zarka


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