SNOWKITEN SCHWARZWALD: the stormy effects of the mountains
by Marlie van de Ven – Arnold van der Linde.

The first trip in the snow with our camper, with a crappy heater, on the way for some fresh powder!

Arnold Snowkiting

We have to drive eight hours for the best condi0tions what was possible for two days of snowkiting.

Day 1: We must work till 5 o clock, so we meet at 17:30 to pack the van, eat some frites and hit the road. We drove non-stop eight hours. We arrived at 4 o clock in the night and hit some sleep for a nice next day. The first day was full of sunshine but no wind. So we went down to snowboard and checked the area on the Feldberg and made some nice powder pictures. We met there some guys from the kiteschool “Skywalker”.. they have a permit to give snowkite lessons over there, it’s a nice place to snowkite you have a lot of different high levels en enough area! So we talked a little bit and they took us the next day to different nice spots. You can take the first lift on the bottom on the mountain, with a 1 way card. When you are at the top, you can recognise the huge snowkite area between de tower and the other side of the mountain. Be sure you pump up your kite and roll out your lines on the area where the piste bully is. Otherwise the snow will eat you. The first day without wind but nice scenery of the Feldberg. The first night, outside -15 degrees Celsius, no isolated van and a crappy gas heater. The ultimate receipt for a fever ;). But we are very romantic and light some fire for heat.


Day 2: We would meet the guys from kiteschool skywalker in the morning. When they arrived the wind was very strong down under the mountain. If the wind is strong under it would be to hard on the mountain. So one of the guys was going to check the other spot it was lower located. He called us that it was better over there so we decided to go with them to a spot in the middle of nowhere. Finally there we arrived at some land from farmers. They told us it’s no allowed, but it’s okay to snowkite. The first spot we visited was no wind. So we drove 15 km further north. The farmers they were enjoying the snowkite show overthere. First it was a little misty and the wind was easy to ride on. For the beginning we snowkited a couple of times up and down to recognise where the steady wind was. The wind was steady but soft, so we decided to start a tour. We went to the top of the hill were the wind was very strong and it look a bit stormy. We stayed there for a couple of hours to enjoy the powder, the view and to freestyle something. Suddenly black clouds where coming and the wind was going stronger and stronger. So we tried to go back to the camper. But there was u huge gusty wind blowing and a lot of trees. Lucky the powder helped us out to have good grip. Another guy who was snowkiting over there crashed his kite in a high tree, and pulled his safety. Hell yeah, it was time to go back and to eat some nice soup . The wind was very strong and aggressive so we bridge the open area’s and stopped when the tree’s came to close. We decided to land the kites, dig the snowboard into the snow and put the bar on foot straps. Back by the van it was 17:00 o clock, so it was time to go home for the eight hour drive. We wanted to drive away, but we parked half on the road, and half in a snow dune. So we get stucked. Pushing wouldn’t help and a farmer pulled us out with his Defender, thanks to him! With a big smile on our faces we were going back to Holland after a nice weekend! Stoked enough to plan the big snowkite trip!

Nobile (7)

One tip for campers, 1. Have a good heater 2. Take enough sizes kites with you, rare winds. 3. Watch out for dang ous obstacles while snowkitng and 4. Ask some warm clothes and electric blankets from Santa 🙂

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