Darek Garko – rider of the storm

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Meet Darek Garko, our Ambassador and… Rider of the storm! No comments. Just read the story Outstanding session Darek GarkoFit – Thank you! Life’s better when you are kiteboarding in NYC!

More you can find here: http://nymediaboat.com/2014/10/rider-of-the-storm/

Team update Mike Blomvall

Already for some time,” Mike The Knife” Blomvall” is voyaging all over the Far East and New Zealand in searching for perfect conditions.
You can fallow him on his blog, or on facebook page.

We are jeaolus him the sunburning ( it’s not funny, but c’mon we have now -15 °C )
Nobile gear rewiev from Mike are super stoked for us too:
You are wondering what kinde of Pads to choose – there’s no need now Mike words about Nobile pads:
…”I have been riding them now for some time and wanted to be sure. So im very happy we have the best board in the world 50/50 and also pads are sick „… so the choice is easy…