Nobile demo – Cape Hatteras

Rene Senecal Kiteboarding school is giving you chance to tests equipment for 2011.
Nobile Boards is for testing too!

Testing going to be from 16th April til 7th Mai
If you’re gonna be around Cape Hatteras ( is a cape on the coast of North Carolina,US ) just go and check this adresse and booked board for testing.

If You would like to kiteboarding in this astonishing place contact Rene Senecal Kiteboarding School


The 2011 T5  is created to rise your riding to the next level in the easiest way available, a perfect freeride combination from the beginner to advanced rider.

T5 is an easy to ride twin tip for your on-water pleasure! This multiuniversal machine makes your progress faster and more effective.
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