The new season’s coming and we want to encourage you to get the most out of your kiteboarding. With the ultimate kitesurfing technology from NOBILE, you can ride faster, fly higher, enjoy your passion safer. We’ve based the new collection on three words: TIME, FREEDOM, GAIA and NATURE-SPLIT. Because TIME is everything we have, FREEDOM is what we’re here to pursue, NATURE is where we belong, GAIA is what we admire and TITAN ‘cause on snow there is no place for weakness. So go out, explore the world and have the utmost fun. Viva la Vida!

Time is so precious. It’s actually priceless, because it’s finite. It’s worth more than gold. And while it takes some time to learn kiteboarding, the most important thing is to begin. So do take time off your daily grind to immerse yourself in the kite world. Choose TIME collection and start your adventuretoday – you’ll find a passion for a lifetime.

We see kiteboarding as more than a sport. For us it’s a feeling – of ultimate freedom. Those few seconds you spend in the air, feeling like a bird, is something unbeatable. With proper wind and proper skills, you can do anything on water. Keep breaking the barriers of what’s possible, just as we do it with the board technology. FREEDOM allows you to reach your full freestyle potential.

As our lives are spent in cities, we tend to forget what makes us feel truly alive. But the moment you get on the beach, surrounded by sand, water, sun and wind, you know you are in your element. So grab one of our split boards that can fit your regular luggage and get where you belong. Choose NATURE to reconnect with nature.

Here at NOBILE we celebrate adventurous women. Those who are not afraid to follow their real passion for kitesurfing and whose natural beauty emanates in their surroundings. Inspired by Mother Nature, who is the greatest designer ever, we created GAIA – a collection dedicated to female riders. Grab one of the boards and be your own authentic self.

From sea level to the highest peaks on Earth – kite can take you anywhere. Snowy mountains amaze us. They are wonders of nature. And as much as we crave for warm water, we enjoy the frozen one too. We created TITAN for you to explore the greatest peaks and ride on the shoulders of those giants.

Nobile. We do everything by ourselves since 1994.
We do everything by ourselves. , so we could be fully responsible for our products. Nobile Factory (NBL Sport) is a family-owned company established in 1994, based on passion and experience. There are thousands of winter and summer sports fans riding on the products made in Bielsko-Biała (Poland) factory. We have almost 8,000 square metres of production facilities, 130 experts employed, and we are equipped with a high-level solid machinery using best materials and patented technologies. Our Nobile Kiteboarding team in Nobile Sports is well educated, keen in sports and uses modern solution in client service and sales.

Nobile Kiteboarding Timeline:

In 2003 Nobile factory build the first prototype of the kiteboard to utilize the snowboard technology. First prototypes were made in snowboard moulds and featured a snowboard shape.

First Nobile branded kiteboards are being produced. Astonishing quality and outstanding performance of Nobile kiteboards build around the Human Concept philosophy.

Nobile presents complete board collection to the market. The line consist of 2 models: 666 and 555 available in different sizes. Innovative construction featuring technologies developed by Nobile, such as Elliptical Progressive Concave (combines the added advantages of both the flat bottomed board and the concave shape. The tail area of the board is flat allowing increased flex for comfort and smooth turning whilst the centre section of the board has up to 5mm of concave providing earlier planing, extra rail grip and a smoother ride), 3D Construction or Hydrodynamic Rocker Line combined with extraordinary quality quickly makes the brand one of the world’s top kite brands.

Nobile introduces world’s first 100% snowkiting dedicated board. Board features Nobile’s patented Snake Transition technology and advanced flex management system.

Nobile introduced IFS – Integrated Footpad System significantly increased comfort and functionality for the rider. IFS allowed to eliminate the major source of discomfort in riding – the twist at the fixation point, whilst offering the maximum adjust ability.

Nobile introduces it’s first line of kites (555 and NHP), as well as in-house designed control bar and fulcrum. Nobile’s all new Fulcrum De-power loop was the industries first 100% molded Quick Release. Nobile fulcrum can be easily disassembled and put together with just one hand

Nobile introduces the Pre Stress technology as the evolution of the 3D Construction. Pre-stress allows the board to be loaded with energy during production. Storing the energy inside the board makes it a bit more stiff and much more torsion resistant, which results in astonishing POP. Pre-Stress technology also allows us to build thinner and lighter boards, yet still more durable

Infinity, super durable and light wave board featuring tip-to-tail 100% wood core is introduced to the market.

Nobile „Click&go” tool-free mounting standard. It takes just a few seconds to mount/demount fins with your bare hands. A screwdriver is no longer necessary. Nobile presented IFS Pro. Comfortable and ergonomic connection between the rider and the board. Footpad is equipped with shock-absorbing air chambers that reduce the impact of the stroke when landing and helps to protect body and knees

Nobile introduces split and carbon line premium kiteboards. The Nobile Splitboard line is designed for anybody looking for exceptional comfort on the water and when travelling. This boards feature 20% more flex than the standard models, which results in a smoother ride and super soft landings. Each Nobile Splitboard can be packed into your usual quiver or travel bag in seconds.

RC2000 Snowkite awarded best snowkite in the World (ISPO Award). Race Snowkite is designed for riders who are not afraid of speed, and have the desire to win every race. Patented APS technology provides extraordinary grip, both on the toe and heel-side edge, even on icy and hard-pack conditions, and allows you to hold more speed, especially when going upwind.

Nobile introduces „2nd generation of W-Connection” – stronger and better performance.

Nobile introduces „Traveling friendly hydrofoil solutions”
Nobile introduces „3nd generation of W-Connection”.

Life’s better when you’re riding Nobile!

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  1. Hello,
    I am 69 kilos and been riding for 5 years but I am very confused if I should get a 131 or a 128 board. I want a samller board I have been using cabrihna but I ilke your brand and want to try out.
    Please tell me becuase in your site selector of 2009 says I shold use a 128 and now it says a 131.


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