A letter from Natasha

Our rider Natasha Begnazarova after competing in KTA she moved to Egypt, where she met with Eudazio and Carlos. Here are her thougths:

Kiteboarding world is really tiny. How many people over the world kitesurf? Thousands at best. And great  thing about it is that wherever and whenever you go you are bound to find your kitemates there.

Natasha Begnazarova

I spent a resulting winter season in Boracay, the Philippines and for the first time in my life took part in something which is a way more significant than any local Russian kiteboarding competition- KTA (Kiteboard Tour Asia). But good things don’t last forever, the Asian season is over and in search of good riding conditions I moved to another part of the globe- Hurghada, Egypt, African continent with more or less steady winds and chances to progress in kiteboarding.

Photo by: enfondo

Photo by: Enfondo

How lucky was I to meet there not just my team mates but riders, whose level is so much hard to reach but it can push you further to the new limits- Nobile team top riders – Eudazio da Silva and Carlos Madson. They are fast, they are highly-skilled, and they are young. Two cousins 20 and 19 years old from a well-known kitesurfing village Cumbuco. They have just started climbing the PKRA competition ladder yet showing great results. From the last year’s PKRA stop in Dakhla it was obvious to many and to me as well that Eudazio (he finished 3rd) and Madson have all chances to be among the best world riders.

Photo By: Enfondo

Photo By: Enfondo

Photo by: Enfondo

Photo by: Enfondo

They came to Egypt to join Spring Kitejamboree event in RedSeaZone kiteschool. Right after Egypt Eudazio and Madson made their way right to Leucate, France for the next PKRA stop. Wish them luck for the next stops of the tour!


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