Sea of Azov crossed by Ukrainian kiteboarder.

Ukraininan kite instructor Andrey Kukosch is a first man in who crossed the Sea of Azov on a board with kite. After a year of planning and preparation, on 10th September 2011 the weather and wind conditions finnally made the sail possible. Andrey set out on a journey from the Kazantyp headland located in the northeastern part of the Crimean peninsula. After 9 hours of sailing he traveled 210 kilometers and finished near Ukrainian city – Bilosariska Kosa.
Andrey was equipped with 2 GPS, mobile phone and a walkie talkie. He even prepared a special vest with GPS bracket, so he may constantly see his location while having hands on the kite bar. The journey was secured by 2 friends of Andrey, who followed him on a motorboat. Andrey was using the Nobile NHP 137 board, while Nobile XTR 140 cm was on the boat in case of low wind.

During the sail Andrey made 3 shorts stops to rest a bit. He was neither drinking nor eating during the sail. He lost the board once, so it took him some time to get it back and continue the journey. He was travelling with the average speed of 23 km/h, while the average wind speed was 9-12 M/s.
We hereby congratulate Andrey his success and wish him more achievements of this kind in the future.

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