BK Freestyle by Nobile Benelux

Last weekend you could met our friends form Nobile Benelux at the Belgian Nationals Freestyle Kite and Windsurf. Here’s their report:

Saturday started out very sunny, warm and windless! Looked like summer is coming back… 
In the morning we arrived to the surfclub Windekind in Oostduinkerke and we were the first ones there. We set up the Nobile tent and stand and we were ready to go!
In the beginning of the day nothing much happened, because there was no wind, not many riders showed up and there was nothing much to do around the club. We did have some people passing by our stand so that kept us busy.
In the afternoon stil there was no wind, so organizers came out with a SUP competition amongst the riders.The competition would be part of the final result in belgian champion. The day ended with a nice BBQ on the beach.

Sunday started sunny again but this time with a light 11 kts offshore breeze. The breeze changed direction in the afternoon and that gave us a nice light sideshore wind.
On Sunday so many people visited our tent, we did not even had a chance to see what’s going on at the competition area. A lot of questions were asked, a lot of eyes falling open when seeing the nice colours and boards! 
Most of the people where crazy about the new KISS “Click&Go” system on the boards. They were amazed with the the potential of this system, especially when travelling.
 The competition ended around 17 o’clock and final winner was Steve Verelst. Now 3rd year in a row.

Nobile Benelux is ready for the next event, that is: Belgian Nationals Waveriding, that will take place 1 and 2 October 2011 in surfclub VVW Heist. See you there!


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