Asia Litwin at PKRA Brazil

The 2011 Brazil PKRA was one of the best stops of the year. You could not ask for better conditions, everyday wind from fifteen to twenty five knots, flat water at low tide, kickers and waves with high tide. Barra do Cunhau is located about 50 kilometers south of Natal in the Northern part of Brazil; the consistent trade winds make it an ideal place to have a world cup event. Nobile Kiteboarding sent Asia Litwin to represent them and came back with solid results and a personal best for the year of second place.

The single elimination started against the young Italian who lives in Brazil; Cerruti, Asia’s experience and technical level was too much for the young brasilien and she was able to advance to the semifinal. The semi-finals were against Lennartsson, a seaonsed competitior who could pose a challenge to Asia. However Litwin was able to land her Slim, 313 and Blid judge and advance to the Final against the former world champion Bruna Kajiha. Asia was riding well in the final and going for big moves. She was almost able to lad a switch Slim and 720 pass, but Bruna proved to be too tough in her home country and was able to defeat Asia.

The double elimination Asia had to defend her second place finish and gets a shot at getting the top spot on the podium. To defend her second place Asia needed to defeat Clementine Bonzom of France to maintin her second place and have a another round against Bruna. She was able to beat Bonzom easily with more powered and technical riding. The Big challenge came against Bruna who was still on fire from her home victory. Eventhough Asia was riding super strong she could not stop Bruna and had to settle for a second place finish.

This was a great event for Asia Litwin with a Second place finish and a week in Brazil. Kiting every day in perfect conditions with the best riders in the world is what Brazil is all about. This is one of the tops spots to come to and enjoy the riding and lifestyle. Trade winds, Acai drinks, waves and great people, everyone should get a chance to kite in Brazil and it is even better on some Nobile Kiteoarding gear just ask Asia.
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