Kor De Jong on Red Bull Ragnarok 2011

Winter is gone for good now, and most of us already opened the kiteboarding season. To remind you colder times we have story from the most epic snowkite event of the season written by our team rider Kor De Jong. Check it out!

From 31 March until the 4th of April was the red bull Ragnarok again in Norway. I did join this snowkite contest to see how far i can come.
Thursday was the arrival day for all the riders and we had to sign up that day to get our bib and goody bag. First possible start was the day after on Friday but there was to less wind. So we went kiting by our self it was a really light wind session that day.
Saturday the forecast looked really good so the race was on.
We went to the start by busses with over 200 riders from 25 different countries. We arrived on the spot where the start was and the wind was on around 25 knots. I thought of picking my 9m². 15 minutes before the start the wind dropped and i had to get my 12 m². But the wind was so decreasing that they cancelled the race for that moment and hoping for some more wind in an hour. And there was!!! So we started with over 200 riders the red bull Ragnarok 2011. It was really sick to see all those kiters together.

I was in the middle when we started so that was ok, a bit later i found a snow scooter track where the snow was a little bit harder. I was going to the first 50 riders fast. After 10 minutes or so the wind totally dropped and all the kites where laying on the ground. I had to walk for 500 meters to the first checkpoint. It was a hell of a job. Ones I got there the wind picked up and i could go again. The second checkpoint was positioned on a mountain You had to go up the mountain and than down through the checkpoint it really was a chaos. After 15 minutes the wind dropped again and everyone stalled again and it was waiting again.The wind did that all the time during the race. After going through the 4th checkpoint there was a really nice slope to get down the mountain and i reached a top speed of 77.6 km/h. This was the best part of the course . When i finally saw the finish line with all the people yelling and screaming was amazing and i crossed the line so just another 4 rounds to go. After catching up with a friend we went on together and after getting past the 1st checkpoint – nearly getted to the 2th – the wind dropped again and we had to wait for more than a hour. Finally there was a light breeze and i reached the 2th checkpoint on the mountain. There they told me the lap was closed and we had to kite or walk back to the start . The 4 hours were over and the race was done.

PHOTO: Stefan van der Kamp / Access Magazine

Final results

1 Bjørn Kaupang
2 Nils Arne Rø
3 Alexandr Palekhin

1 Sigve Botnen
2 Marius Coucheron
3 Leoni Michelle

Of all the riders that started there were only 99 who did one whole lap.
I was 38th of the snowboarders that did at least a whole lap.
I became 85th overall (over 200 riders)

Check out also how Ragnarok look like from the female perspective:jannickestav.com

photos: Stefan van der Kamp / Access Magazine


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