Kitesurfingholiday Aruba by Andi & Susi Meder

We are some young kitesurfers who had time for a holiday in February and March 2011, so we started looking for the best destination for our holiday. Wind statistics and weather looked perfect in the Caribbean so we decided to visit Aruba.

Aruba is a small island of the Netherland Antilles, about 30km long and in short distance to Venezuela. It promises steady trade winds and perfect weather. There are some nice places to visit on the island such as beaches, the natural pools and some caves in the Arikok National Park.
Boca Grandi became our favourite spot on the island. It’s a really nice beach, with steady onshore wind, but the water is a bit choppy. There are a few more spots on the island, but the problems stay the same as on the others. As soon as you have flat water, the wind is really gusty. The only perfect, and I mean perfect, kitespot is Babybeach. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to kitesurf there and the police will punish you with a 500$ fine if they catch you.
Unfortunately we had some rainy or windless days during our stay, so we had to find other things to do. We went for an ATV-Tour one day, which is really recommendable since it’s a whole lot of fun and you can visit all the highlights of Aruba in one day. Of course there are many nice beaches for relaxing, swimming and snorkelling, especially Baby Beach is really nice.
We had a really nice holiday on Aruba and enjoyed our time, although there were quite a few rainy or windless days.
Many thanks to Robert Falconi for the nice house, the always reliable car and the good and helpful conversation.
Check the video from our stay in Aruba Susi and Andi Meder

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