Nobile Remi Pro in Action ….

SurfHouse Snowattack 2011
Check how Surfhouse is training in Alps.
Take a look at some action with NOBILE REMI PRO at slopes in Les Deux Alpes

Lithuania Snow Kite Grand Prix

If you will search carefully our website
You will find information about our dealers in Lithuania – Surfhouse,
They are doing a lot lately.
We received information that they set up their own SURFHOUSE & NOBILE TEAM LITHUANIA :

Please Meet:
Agne Simanskyte

and Mantas Gilys

Here’s the information from our representative about the team, and the latest event which take place lately in Lithuania:
Lithuania Snow Kite Grand Prix:

…”Every year we are having a competition called Lithuania Snow Kite Grand Prix. The organizer of this competition is the community of extreme sports in Lithuania. This year, SURFHOUSE (extreme sports shop& school ) is the main sponsor of this competition. The best snowkiter is going to win NOBILE REMI PRO snowkite board.
The competition is taking place three times in three different spots in Lithuania during all winter. Our NOBILE TEAM of Lithuania didn’t participate in the first round of the competition, because they were training in FRENCH ALPES. But they hit the second round in Lithuania seaside in Nida and did it quite great.

They were first time participating in snowkiting competition on NOBILE NHP and NOBILE REMI PRO snowboards. Agne wasn’t too lucky, because of the lack of girl riders, she was the only one girl on the competition, therefore she had to compete with guys. Luckily, she wasn’t the last one in course racing. Winning 20th place from 25 men riders is not too bad for a girl Mantas did good job in freestyle jibbing competition. He won the 4th place.
The wind was perfect for 10 square meters NHP, otherwise, other riders were using bigger kites. NHP really has got a power! There wasn’t too much snow on the ice, but the 3D SNAKE TRANSITION technology was helping our riders in these conditions.
All in all it was an awesome event, sunshine all the weekend, not bad wind conditions, loads of riders and loads of people enjoying watching them”…

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