New IFS Pro sneak peek

You have already seen some of our boards for 2011. While waiting for our new web site, that is going to start any day now, check out the 2011 IFS PRO:

The IFS Pro is the multi-density molded pad resulting in a foot bed system where the compression “ramps up” through its depth of travel. Heavy impacts sees each layer becoming progressively firmer, preventing any possibility of your foot coming into contact with the board, yet maintains the direct feeling for perfect synergy between the rider and the board.

For 2011 we’ve totally redesigned both the footpad and the strap. The one of a kind, multi-destiny, 3D molded asymmetrical footpad not only adjust to rider’s unique foot shape, but also remembers it for the ultimate comfort and perfect fit. The new footpad consists of four PU layers. 3 of them: Medium, Hard and Soft with “remember the foot shape” feature are inside the footpad combined in perfect balance to give you maximum comfort and perform. All those layers are covered by very durable, external foam shaped in the most ergonomic way possible.

IFS PRO also features totally new, double Velcro ultra comfortable asymmetric strap. One hand, quick and easy adjustment combined with the ultimate fit makes the new IFS PRO one of the most rider-friendly footpad system on Planet Earth!

Extraordinary cushioning provides you ride smoother than ever, while the perfect fit makes the new IFS PRO so comfortable, you want to wear it instead of

your regular slippers!

Soon you will be able to check The New Nobile Kiteboarding 2011 colection on


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