Wood Skim Series

Wood Skim is another new tool in our line. Wooden version has more wave ability thanks to pre-stress tech that makes board livelier and more reactive. All wooden skimboards feature skate-style foil at the top for better feet grip. Wood skim is also a perfect tool for your fun in waterparks.
Wood Skim comes in 3 sizes, so you may choose the perfect version for your joy:
1. Standard (130×49,5 cm) – Similar shape and size as regular, airex skim.
2. Hybrid (139×47 cm) – middle size skimboard for extended fun. It features increased stability and maneuverability than the standard one. This board
3. Skim Wave (154×47 cm) – the name explains it all. Take this one and discover new aspects of fun and the surf style of kiteboarding.
2011 SKIM features:
– Pre-stress technology for improved reactiveness
– Optional fins meaning you can chose a traditional skate feeling or opt for more grip and ease of use
– 3-D finger grips make grabs easier
– Skate-style foil at the top for better grip
– Un-paralleled light wind performance

Who is it for?
Riders looking for:
– Alternative activity
– Strapless riding
– Light wind fun
– Riding small waves
– Improving skills in a new direction


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