Since the beginning, the Nobile High Performance (earlier 666) has always been the product of evolution. This model repeatedly win tests in magazines and has always great feedback from riders.

The NHP is the board of choice for everybody who’s looking an exceptional, big air freestyle machine, without compromising on comfort and upwind performance, making it ideal for everybody who desire high power riding, explosive POP and controlled, smooth landings.


– 3-D Construction mould allows for even more advanced flex control

– Hydrodynamic Rocker Line dramatically reduces spray in choppy water

– Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape increases versatility and comfort

– Wide stance options for more stable riding position

– Fin Shimms for stronger fin+board connection

Who is it for?

Freestyle and Advanced riders looking for:

– Unlimited performance

– Maximum versatility

– Big air freestyle

– Comfort and speed

– Controlled, smooth landings

– Great Upwind Abilities

SIZES: 125×38, 128×39, 131×40, 134×42 , 137×44

Also available in white.

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