The 2011 Nobile 50fifty is the most powerful force for performing newschool moves with precision, control and aggression. This board is something for those who desire a pure wakestyle board that provides huge levels of control at speed, still feeling solid aggressive carving and unbelievable POP combined with butter smooth landings in all water conditions. The 50fifty is designed with Mike „The Knife” Blomvall for all the new school enthusiasts looking for the board to launch huge tricks with technical precision.

Nobile 50Fifty Features:

– 3-D Construction mold for even more advanced flex control.
– Wide stance options for more stable riding position.
– Multiple insert spacing for footstraps and conventional wake bindings.
– Fin Shims for stronger fin+board connection.
– Smaller fins for looseness and control on landing.

Who is it for?

Advanced freestyle Riders looking for:

– New School style board.
– Wake Binding compatibility.
– Aggressive riding.
– Huge pop.
– Easy and controlled landings.

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