Pre-Stress Technology

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Here at Nobilekiteboarding new collection always equals new technologies. To make them understandable for you guys, we’ve started our tech guide.

Vol 1. Pre-stress

The idea of pre-stress was probably already known architects in ancient Rome and was used during the construction of the Colosseum. Prestressing means the intentional creation of permanent stresses in a structure for the purpose of improving its performance under various service conditions.
Nobile Pre-stress is the technology inspired by our 3D Construction. Now we took this famous solution and, what seemed to be impossible, upgraded it to the next level. Pre-stress allows us to load the board with energy already during the production process. Storing the energy in the board means it’s even more reactive, responsive and livelier. It also allows us to build thinner (means: lighter!!! ) but yet still more durable than any other boards on the market


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