Hi-Winds, Aruba – Story

Thanks to our division from Nobile USA we’ve supported an event at the Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba.

Hi-Winds Aruba took place june 30th – july 5th.

2 days of freestyle events which was won by Hendrick Burgers in the Junior division(aruwak team rider). with hugh kiteloop handlepass ,Mobe 313 etc. At night we had the party and kiteshow at the fishermens hut that was an absolute entertaiment that made the crowd crazy.  Happy hour, Great Music and strong windconditios made the nightevent a hit.Saturday morning was the Longdistance competition ,it was wicked seeing all the 40 kite competitors ,going full speed to reach the final bouy, what a view that was . Sunday when the beach was overloaded of crowds ,we decided to run the Nobile Kiteloop Contest,the rule was simple the biggest and highest kiteloop will win,this has pushed riders to go really big and the crowd was amazed by this contest,it was the talkabout of this whole event, Quincey Lee was the winner with Hugh Kiteloops and smooth landings that earn him his first place(aruwakteam rider). For the girls we had the Nobile BIG AIR contest<rules simple,stay aslong in the air as posible. Helena Dulce was the winner in a very very tight competition,

During this weekend was also the Nobile Kite and boards demos on the beach and everybody had a chance to try and see the boards and kite in their hands.


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