PYB Competition Winner And His Prize

Do you remember Dayle Holmes? He’s the talented designer who won our Pimp Your Board Competition. Check out some pictures of Dayle enjoying Nobile 50fifty board at his local spot.

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Dayle about his spot:

The place where the photo’s were taken is Shark Bay. This is a popular kiting spot in the Langebaan lagoon. Don’t be put off by the name, Shark Bay is full of harmless small sand sharks which just scurry away if approached or are stepped on. Langebaan is a one and a half hour drive from Cape Town. It is most popular in summer as this is when the wind blows best, this is from around october until march. It is winter now and the wind is pretty dead but we were lucky that day with a bit of wind, that is why my friends and I had the place to ourselves, it can get very crowded in summer. Shark bay is a beginners paradise as it knee deep for large areas, many kite schools use this location for teaching. Just watch out for the snakes though! The surrounding area is nature reserve and there are plenty of snakes around, most of them are mole snakes which are not dangerous but will still give you a fright. There are designated kiting areas in order to keep kiters out  certain sections of the reserve, it is well signposted so there is no confusion. Overall this is a great place to kiteboard as it caters for all skill levels. It is also very wild and beautiful which further enhances the whole experience.